Preseli Bluestone palm stone, medium

$ 21.00

Medium Preseli palmstones, 2" x 1.5".  Price is for one stone only.

Stonehenge Bluestone activates our ancestral memories of ancient earth mysticism!  Useful to access the Akashic Records for self and others.  Their special quality of resonance made them key stones within the monument of Stonehenge, and can be used in similar fashion to enhance the vibration and focus of the use of your tuning forks, color light and/or essential oils and essences.  Place them over key acupoints such as the Three Treasures or Chakras.


Helps you to connect to Earth energies

Aligns you to Stonehenge & the Earth's meridian grid

Connects you to your ancient knowing

Forms a doorway to other dimensions

Helps you access the past or future

Ancient connection to the ancestors

Contains strong magnetic currents and gives off a palpable electromagnetic charge