Shipping FAQs

What shipping carrier is used?

AromaSounds ships most of their orders with the United States Postal Service (USPS) and occasionally with UPS.  Shipping is tracked within the United States, but cannot be guaranteed tracking once the package leaves this country.  Therefore, AromaSounds cannot guarantee delivery of any items shipped outside of the United States.  If you would like your shipment to be tracked from our doorstep to your doorstep, please send us an email, and we can discuss other (more expensive) options.

How much will I pay for shipping?

You will only be charged the actual shipping cost incurred by AromaSounds; NOT the general shipping price range that is listed at check-out.  The range is listed to give the customer a "worst case scenario" as to what the highest price that could be charged will be.

Why are the listed shipping costs so expensive? 

At this time, the AromaSounds shop cannot automatically calculate the shipping rate based on the total weight of the products in the order.  The U.S. & international shipping cost ranges listed are based on the average cost to ship when the order contains items that have a higher weight.  However, you will only be charged the actual cost of shipping your items to you.

How will I be refunded shipping?

Your account/credit card is not actually charged when you place an online order.  It is used to "hold" payment for your order until someone at the AromaSounds shop can process the items you purchased.  Payment is collected when the shopping cart is processed.  This means that AromaSounds personnel gather and weighed your items to calculate the true shipping cost, amend the online invoice, and then charge the account/credit card you used to place your order.  The difference in the shipping costs is automatically refunded to the same method you used to pay for your order.  You will receive an amended invoice via email when the invoice changes are made.

Depending on your method of payment, on your account/credit card you'll either see:

1) Only a charge for the amended cost of your order (cart items plus the true shipping costs); or

2) A charge for the original mount of your order and then an additional transaction that is a refund for the difference in shipping costs.

Unless otherwise noted, all products are shipped from AromaSounds via the United States Postal Service (USPS).   Shipping costs are automatically calculated by weight and distance to your designated location when a shipping label is generated through one of their official websites.