BORED Basic Eclipse Kit

$ 165.00

These forks are used in conjunction with the Classic VRT Kit to facilitate a VRT Solar Eclipse Raindrop and include the following weighted BORED forks:

BORED: 1 Low Nodal 117.8hz, 1 Saros 241.56hz, 1 Metonic 229.22hz

This Kit will allow you to customize your Planetary Classic Kit into a Solar or Lunar Eclipse kit!  It is being created specifically for the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 across North America, but can be used for ANY Solar or Lunar, total or partial, eclipse anywhere on the planet.  While being in the direct path of an eclipse is a memorable experience, it is not necessary in order to experience the actual energetic harmonics of the event - since the event involves the entire body of the planet Earth!



WE recommend one each of the NEW 11mm gemtips which have been created exclusively for this Solar Eclipse! These include:

  • the GOLD Sunstone for Sun fork
  • the SILVER Preseli Bluestone for Om#1 fork
  • the GOLD Preseli Bluestone for Zodiac Platonic Earth fork
  • the Rhodium Petrified Wood for Low Om fork
  • the SILVER Black Moonstone for Saros fork
  • the GOLD Rainbow Moonstone for Low Nodal fork
  • the SILVER Moonstone High Full Sidereal Moon fork
  • the GOLD Labradorite for High Om fork

You may also want to consider the following gemtips for the other forks:

  • the GOLD Amber for Om#2
  • the GOLD Rutile Quartz for Metonic fork
  • the GOLD or SILVER Opal for High Jupiter fork