BORED Benediction Archangel Metatron Power Kit (2 forks)

$ 110.00

Set of 2 Forks with bored stems allowing the use of Crown Jewel Tips or Auricular Tips to be added.

BORED: 1 Power 1440hz, nonweighted; 1 Power 2880hz, nonweighted;

Metatron, who sits at the right hand of the Divine, and hears all mediations; a Seraph, the highest order of angel; Chief Scribe of God and the Voice of God who speaks to humans when Creator has wisdom to impart!  Keeper of the Akashic Records, the great hall of sacred tablets that records every action and thought in the universe! Guardian of the Tree of Live, symbol of the creation of life, sits at the beginning in Kether; and so much more!