Tropical Lullaby - Dreamy Bedtime Songs from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil, and more

$ 12.98

A Parents' Choice Silver Award-winning collection of authentic lullabies from tropical paradises to sweeten your child's journey into sleep. Accompanied in turns by wooden guitars, flutes, gentle percussion, hang pan, cuatro, piano, Batá, and ukulele, these lullabies are sung in the native tongues of Hawaii, Brazil, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Trinidad, Haiti, Colombia, Martinique, Tahiti, and the Bahamas.

As peaceful as ocean waves rolling down a sandy beach, these artfully produced bedtime songs will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Features Juan-Carlos Formell, Marianna Martin, Sammy Figueroa, The Moonlighters, Bobby Thomas, Juliana Barrios, and many other world-class artists. Liner notes include original lyrics and English translations.