Taoist Healing Imagery - Ken Cohen

$ 14.95

even advanced visualizations utilize ancient Taoist imagery to build self-awareness, unity of mind and body, and ultimately: enlightenment.

Although healing with imagery is relatively new to the West, its use in China dates back to Taoist texts from the third century BCE. We learn that these healing techniques induce what modern brain researchers call an alpha-theta state, where the unconscious comes to consciousness, and the mind reaches a blissful clarity.

These techniques are rarely taught outside of China today. Fortunately, Ken Cohen (author of Chi Kung Meditations) is able to give exact instructions on correct postures, breathing, attunement to nature, mental states, and flow of internal energy.

Meditations include: Tan Tien Breathing, which stimulates the internal reservoir of energy; Three Tan Tiens, an inner contemplation of your energy centers; Dragon and Tiger Meditation, which increase the level of vitality in the body; Golden Light Solar Meditation, a method to absorb chi or life energy from nature.