Shamanic Journey Didjeridu - Michael Hamer

$ 14.00

Each program in this series has been specifically designed for serious journey work as explained by Michael Harner in his classic work The Way of the Shaman. These professional recordings have been digitally remastered for excellent journeying results.

The incredible sound of the aboriginal Australian didjeridu (an ancient hollow tube drone), accompanied by click sticks, carries one into an extended Dreamtime journey. The didjeridu is played masterfully by Stephen McDonnell. This recording, as in the case of the others in the series, is meant for use by experienced practitioners of shamanic journeying.

The sound is in the classic aboriginal Australian mode, with the didjeridu played outstandingly by Stephen McDonnell at Michael Harner’s extended training course in shamanism and shamanic healing at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. The participants in this course provided the traditional click stick percussion sound accompaniment. Stephen, a white Australian, has been given recognition by aboriginal Australians for his mastery of the didjeridu.