Shamanic Jounrey Singing - Michael Harner

$ 14.00

Each program in this series has been specifically designed for serious journey work as explained by Michael Harner in his classic work The Way of the Shaman. These professional recordings have been digitally remastered for excellent journeying results.

This recording is inspired by an ancient northern European method for long journeying: the “singing journey” methods of the last of the traditional European shamans among the Sami (Laplanders) of northern Scandinavia. Drumming is followed by a women's chorus to provide gentle support for the shamanic journeyer.

The last Europeans to maintain the full practice of shamanism were the Sami (also spelled Saami) people, or Laplanders, of northernmost Scandinavia. Among Sami practices was a method for making long shamanic journeys. In this technique, the shaman’s journey started in the usual way accompanied by a drum. After the journey was underway for a while, a chorus of women singers replaced the drumming, with their voices maintaining the shaman on the journey for an extended period of time. The singing was undoubtedly similar to the present day Sami style—a beautiful, gentle, lilting form that may or may not employ recognizable words.

In this recording, the intention was not to imitate the distinctive Sami style, but to be inspired by it. The song form used here is more familiar to us in terms of our present day singing habits, and comfortably supports the long journeyer without distraction.