Mindfulness: Volume 2 - On Feeling, The Mind & Dhamma by Joseph Goldstein

$ 69.95

Western Buddhists are coming of age-and eager for advanced teachings aimed at serious practitioners. There are few more qualified to offer such training than Joseph Goldstein, one of the West's foremost teachers of insight meditation for over thirty years. Now, this pre-eminent voice presents Abiding in Mindfulness, an in-depth course on the Satipatthana Sutta. Considered the core of Buddha's teachings, this vital discourse elucidates the four foundations of mindfulness meditation-the "direct path to awakening". On volumes one and two of these teachings-originally recorded live at the Forest Refuge in Massachusetts-listeners join Joseph Goldstein to explore:- The comprehensive structure of this seemingly simple teaching- A detailed investigation of how different meditation practices lead to realization- The Buddhist approach to engaging with the body: from progressive instruction on being with the breath to deconstruction of body concepts through awareness of the elements After more than thirty-five years studying and practicing this essential text, Joseph Goldstein concludes that the seeds of all the Buddha's teachings are contained within the Satipatthana Sutta. "When you open any one door into the dharma, it leads to all the rest," he explains. Targeted for experienced practitioners, yet accessible to those new to Buddhism, Abiding in Mindfulness offers more than twelve hours of insights and meditations for immersing oneself in this perennial jewel of Buddhist wisdom.