Intentional Healing - Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D

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The "power of positive thinking" is a well-known adage, yet few of us take it seriously as a method for medical treatment. The groundbreaking work of psychologist Dr. Jeanne Achterberg might change that once and for all.

During the last 30 years, Dr. Achterberg has pioneered a bold new path of scientific research showing how positive intent is not only a medically sound course of treatment, but also a necessary part of every healing process. On Intentional Healing, she presents an exclusive program that teaches you how focused thoughts and intentions affect actual healing in our bodies. Join her for a practical guide exploring how you can apply these innovative, profound healing techniques to your everyday life.

Rediscovering a Vital Component of Healthcare

Both the medical community and the general population have largely dismissed intentional healing as a viable form of medical care. But what if there was documented scientific proof that our minds can really promote healing and recovery? On Intentional Healing, Dr. Achterberg presents the latest research, offering convincing evidence to support the medical validity and healing power of positive intent.

This evidence conclusively shows how certain guided techniques can harness the power of the mind to foster physical and emotional fitness, both within and without, and even ward off the progression of disease—providing a revolutionary platform for therapy and treatment.

Drawing upon Dr. Achterberg's three decades of experience with patients, Intentional Healing outlines these proven techniques for accessing inner resources against the onset of illness, and provides instructional guidelines for some of the most essential intentional healing applications, including transpersonal imagery, distance healing, prayer, and self-intentional healing. In striking detail, Dr. Achterberg explains the scientific background for each technique, showing how they are a vital component to any modern course of medical treatment.

Intentional Healing is a seminal offering from one of the most revered minds in alternative medicine, and an eye-opening audio session that firmly establishes the importance of the mind-body-spirit link in health care and personal wellness.