Hanging Chimes - Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies

$ 315.00

This set contains 9 chimes that will make the intervals in the Sacred Solfeggio diatonic scale:

  • Soul Star 174hz
  • Earth Star 285hz
  • UT 396hz (Fundamental)
  • RE 417hz
  • MI 528hz
  • FA 639hz
  • SOL 741hz
  • LA 852hz
  • TI 963hz

They are ready to hang, but will need you to make a stand or create something from which to hang them. Several ideas are included in the photos, but the stand or metal hanger are NOT included in the Set. ONLY THE NINE HANGING CHIMES ARE INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE!

Box is 3"x6"x38", weight is 4 lbs. 12 oz.