Hanging Chimes - Planetary Frequencies

$ 280.00

STAND IS NOT INCLUDED! It can be easily made, or they can be hung from something like the black metal hanging plant piece (shown upside down).

This set contains 8 chimes that will make the rainbow of intervals in the Planetary diatonic scale:

  • Om 136.10hz (Fundamental)
  • Mars 144.72hz (minor 2nd) 
  • Platonic Zodiac Earth 172.06hz (Major 3rd)
  • Jupiter 183.58hz (Perfect 4th)
  • Neptune 211.44hz (Perfect 5th)
  • Sidereal Full Moon 227.43hz (Major 6th)
  • High Sun 252.44hz (minor 7th)
  • High Om 272.20hz (Octave)

They are ready to hang, but will need you to make a stand or create something from which to hang them. Several ideas are included in the photos, but the stand or metal hanger are NOT included in the Set. ONLY THE EIGHT HANGING CHIMES ARE INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE!

Box is 3"x6"x45", weight is 6 lbs. 3 oz.