Gold (over Solid Silver) Faceted Chakra Gem Tips - Limited Edition, Set of 7

$ 1,195.00

Limited Edition of 8mm FACETED Chakra stone gem tips in Silver with Gold Polish.  Faceted gems focus the vibrational intention and are especially good for focused point use of tuning forks.  Silver allows Heaven to make the changes that are desired for optimal balance. The Gold tells the receiver, "you are precious and beloved."

Chakra Gem tips include: garnet for 1st chakra, carnelian for 2nd chakra, citrine for 3rd chakra, rose quartz for 4th chakra, blue topaz for 5th chakra, amethyst for 6th chakra, clear quartz for 7th chakra.

Garnet (“dark red” in Latin, granatus) is a silicate mineral (SiO4)3 associated with the Root Chakra, and has qualities of protection, guidance, purification, survival, grounding and physical vitality.  It is known as the stone which was the source of illumination for Noah in the Ark.  Earth.

Carnelian (from the translucent orange-red fruit, “cornel cherry” in Latin, cornum) is a silica mineral (SiO2) associated with enhancing self-confidence and decision-making, creativity and fertility.  Water.

Citrine “yellow” in Latin, citrina) is a silica mineral (SiO2) which has traces of iron, and is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.  It has qualities of cleansing and balancing, associated with abundance, self-empowerment and elevating self-esteem.  Fire.

Rose Quartz (pale pink to rose red) is a silica mineral (SiO2) which has traces of titanium, iron, or manganese, and is associated with the Heart Chakra.  It has qualities of healing all emotional wounds, transformation. Air.

Blue Topaz (“Topazos” a legendary island in the Red Sea) is a silicate mineral (Al2SiO4) which has traces minerals to change its color, and is associated with the Throat Chakra.  It has qualities of enhancing communication, inspiration and creative expression. Ether.

Amethyst (“amethystos” in Greek means “not intoxicated”) is a silica mineral (SiO2) that derives its violet color from traces of iron and other trace elements, and is associated with the Brow Chakra.  It has qualities of  enhancing one’s inner vision, insight and preventing lack of perception.  Light.

Clear Quartz (derived from Middle High German “twarc”, meaning “hard” ) is a silica mineral (SiO2), and is associated with the Crown Chakra.  It has long been considered to be a sacred stone by peoples of many cultures over the centuries.  Pliny the Elder thought it was frozen ice of many years duration.  Quartz was used in sacred places such as passage tomb cemeteries, as the mystical substance maban (the material from which Australian Aborigines shamans receive their power), and means “stone of the sun” (grian cloch) in Irish.  It has qualities of enhancing whatever it is combined with.  Thought.