BORED Essential Archangel Uriel Prosperity Kit (5 Forks)

$ 275.00

Set of 5 Forks with bored stems allowing the use of Crown Jewel Tips or Auricular Tips to be added.

BORED: 1 Low Prosperity (112.5hz), weighted; 2 Mid Prosperity (225hz), weighted; 1 High Prosperity (450hz), nonweighted; 1 Angelic Prosperity (900hz), nonweighted

Archangel of Light, Uriel is also known as the Earth Angel and has dominion over the world of our Earth. He bestows the Divine Light of inspiration, those moments when one receives a 'download' of the the right information at the right time. In his role of Earth Angel, Uriel bestows prosperity on whoever asks. It is the kind of prosperity that is more than just money in your wallet or the bank. Uriel's prosperity is an attitude of abundance and positive flow, where you feel as if you can do and achieve anything!