BORED Essential Archangel Raphael Healing Kit (5 Forks)

$ 275.00

Set of 5 Forks with bored stems allowing the use of Crown Jewel Tips or Auricular Tips to be added.

BORED: 1 Heal 67.5hz, weighted; 2 Heal 135hz, weighted; 1 Heal 270hz, nonweighted; 1 540hz, nonweighted

When you seek the angelic assistance of Raphael, mentioned in the Book of Tobit!  Raphael stirred the waters at the healing pool of Bethesda.  He is one of the three angels who visited Abraham to help his wife, Sarah, with their conception.  After Jacob struggled with Michael, Raphael healed Jacob’s wounds.  Raphe in Hebrew means “medicine doctor” and Rapach means “God heals the soul.”  For complete healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit.    

Combine with Michael for a minor 6th, and with Gabriel for a perfect 4th.