BORED Essential Archangel Gabriel Blessing Kit (Anointing)

$ 275.00

Set of 5 Forks with bored stems allowing the use of Crown Jewel Tips or Auricular Tips to be added.

BORED: 1 Bless 90hz, weighted; 2 Bless 180hz, weighted; 1 Bless 360hz, unweighted; 1 Bless 720hz, unweighted

When you seek the angelic assistance of Gabriel, one of the three Archangels mentioned in the Bible!  He serves as a messenger for God, and appeared to Daniel to explain his visions, to Zacharias (father of John the Baptist) to foretell his wife’s pregnancy, to Mary (mother of Jesus) to proclaim her honored pregnancy, and more.  Trust Gabriel for giving and receiving messages and visions.

Combine with Michael for a minor 3rd, and with Raphael for a perfect 4th.