BORED Essential Archangel Michael Protection Kit (432 octave kit)

$ 275.00

Set of 5 Forks with bored stems allowing the use of Crown Jewel Tips or Auricular Tips to be added.

BORED: 1 Low 432 (108hz), weighted; 2 Mid 432 (216hz), weighted; 1 High 432 (432hz), nonweighted; 1 Angelic 432 (864hz), nonweighted

It can easily be integrated into your Pythagorean Classic VRT when you seek the angelic assistance of Michael, the greatest of all angels in the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions! His name means "who is like God." He wrestled with Jacob, father of the 12 tribes of Israel. He guided Israel through the wilderness, lead the Israelites in battle at Jericho, parted the Red Sea, brought plagues upon Pharaoh, destroyed the armies of Sennacherib, and the list goes on... Michael commands the nations! For ultimate protection.