Becoming an Oracle - Nicki Scully

$ 69.95

Access the Divine Wisdom of the Ancient World

We often marvel at the wonders of art, architecture, and mythology created by the great ancient civilizations. Where did their visionaries get the knowledge to leave a legacy that still awes us today—and can we learn to tap that source of wisdom and inspiration?

On Becoming an Oracle, Nicki Scully presents a guided workshop for practicing the spiritual techniques that allowed cultures such as the Greeks, Egyptians, and Mayans to make an enduring impact on human evolution.

A Cross-Cultural Training Course on Secrets of the Oracles

Drawing upon her comprehensive knowledge of global mystical traditions, Nicki Scully has created a training program that synthesizes oracular practices from across the world. Using a guided visualization technique called “pathworking,” she brings you into direct contact with the same sacred sites and god-forms that have served the great prophets and oracles throughout history. Each step of this journey offers you the opportunity to master new skills and forge spiritual connections necessary to become an oracle yourself.

The Emergence of Modern-Day Oracles

What does it mean to be an oracle today? “Oracular tradition is no longer confined to temples and cloisters,” teaches Nicki Scully. “This is a time when people from all walks of life are called to serve as beacons of wisdom that our world needs.”

Becoming an Oracle invites you to reach across time to bring the insight and healing power of the ancients into your life today—and to become a living conduit for the energy of the divine.


  • What is an oracle? Why we all have the potential for establishing this direct link to the energy of creation
  • Pathworking—the powerful practice for opening yourself to experiences in the subtle realm
  • The Heart-Breath technique—the first essential step on every oracular journey
  • Visualization practices to call upon Horus, Shiva, Odin, and other god-forms and spirit guides for wisdom
  • Guided inner journeys to sacred oracular sites such as Delphi and Stonehenge
  • How to read information from oracular tools such as the Tarot, Nordic runes, and scrying bowls
  • Hours of hands-on training and guided practices for accessing the divine intelligence and healing power of the oracles