American Lullaby - Folk, Country, Gospel & Old-Timey Bedtime Songs

$ 12.98

American Lullaby's Niagara of talent--Maria Muldaur, David Grisman, Sweet Honey in the Rock--is enough to make anybody rush, unashamedly, toward a warm glass of milk and a tuck-in. But to fully grip this CD's terrificness, you have to hold it in your hands. As with every record in Ellipsis' Lullaby series, this package is sewn up with honest-to-goodness artistry. Nestled into a dreamy-looking cardboard box (no jagged jewelcases here) is a boardbook, chock-a-block with more of the outer box's excellent artwork, and inside that is a pamphlet and the CD itself, each peeking out of a private cubby. In the eyes of the average lullaby buyer, such stunning presentation might merit sloppiness in the liner note department, but there's no such slackness here. Every artist thoughtfully explains his or her contribution, followed by a brief bio. Perfect for flag-wavers, fans of roots music, and anybody who favors a meaningful drift-off to a good night's sleep. --Tammy La Gorce

"As much for adults as for children, this is an exceptionally beautiful, soul-lifting collection..." -- Parents Choice Gold Award Winner